Why you need  eCommerce Consulting

We would be happy to supply Client References as to why they chose APlus Net Solutions for their eCommerce Consulting.

eCommerce Projects are complicated in nature because they deal with the most strategic of investments for every company, the Online Store. But it doesn’t stop there, the Online Store has to integrate with the Back-end systems; Accounting, Fulfillment, etc. And when you begin talking to eCommerce software vendors they conveniently leave the integration of these other systems to you – this is why you want an experienced Web Development Consultant managing your eCommerce Project. Lastly, why have an Online Store if your products aren’t going to be found in the Search Engines. We are certified SEO consultants and Certified Google Partners – we will ensure your vendors deliver the Traffic to maximize the Online Store investment.eCommerce Consultant

eCommerce Consultant Job 1 – Define Business Objectives

As eCommerce Consulting Experst we ensure the project has well defined business objectives such as:

  • Open New Channels of Revenue
  • Increase Average Order Values
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Increase Client Retention
  • Increase Profit by Reducing Order Entry Errors and Re-keying of data

eCommerce Consultant Job 2 – Software Selection Process

We manage the software selection process to meet your business Online objectives and help you understand what type of Back-end Integration plan will be required. We consider – size of store, complexity of products lines, degree of customization required, systems integration required, in-house resources available and many more factors. All of these factors feed the criteria that will drive the final decision on the best possible fit for Ecommerce Software.

eCommerce Consultant Job 3 – Supplier Selection Process

With the Software Selected we then move to Supplier Selection – there are over 1 million companies that tout Ecommerce development – we will help narrow those choices and help vet the right fit for your project.
eCommerce Consultant Job 4 – Project Cost and Requirements Confirmation

The deliverable at the end of this project phase will include the completed Development Plan Document describing the delivered functionality of each section of the site and will include a not-to-exceed project estimate and a detailed production timeline.

eCommerce Consultant Job 5 – Design Development

During the Technical Design Document Phase of the site, we will ensures the vendor produces, in accordance to the Development Document, a site map and the primary template pages necessary to describe the functional sections of the site.

The deliverable for this phase of the project will all of the agreed Design Page Layouts and will require Client approval before proceeding.

eCommerce Consultant Job 6 – Development Phase

During the Development Phase of the project the vendors will perform the bulk of the development of the site.

The deliverable for this phase of the project will be a staging version of the site posted on a password protected development server for evaluation testing.

eCommerce Consultant Job 7 – Testing Phase

The Testing Phase will consist of a set of testing scenarios that are predefined and agreed to ensure Site Functionality is working and any additional testing, and making any last minute corrections and additions to the site.

eCommerce Consultant Job 8 – Delivery of Final Site and Go-Live

During the Delivery Phase of the project we ensure the vendor has provided provide assistance and training to implement the live version of the site.

At the end of the day all of these steps must be completed to ensure the Project actually delivers the business objectives that have been outlined – as the business owner you should expect no less!