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Many companies have a website design that sends their visitors on an adventure. They must think their website is an exotic safari in which the adventurer is left to her own wits to cut her way through the jungle and find the treasure.

Adventures are fun. But adventures are not good business when it comes to the World Wide Web. You do not want to leave your visitor at the entrance to your website without any idea of where to go next. If you want that visitor to become a customer, you must guide them through your website.

This is called conversion architecture. Without it, your website may be pretty, it may be flashy but in all likelihood it won’t convert.

A website designed with conversion architecture will include the following guideposts:

  • Convince the prospect that your product is the perfect fit for his needs.
  • The prospect should be able to easily identify where to click to find his information.
  • There should be an obvious call-to-action once the prospect has decided he wants to buy or get more information.
  • This action should be an effortless method for the prospect to contact you.

The above list can be the road map of your website. When it’s time for business, make sure you guide your customers through your website. Save the adventures for the weekend.