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How Important is Response Time – by your Houston SEO Company APlus Net Solutions

APlus Net Solutions is a top Houston SEO company because we understand the importance of Response Time.


Google announced back in 2010 that a Websites response time was part of the ranking algorithm by the Google SEO Guru Matt Cutts.  Matt said  “We (Google) mentioned site speed as early as 2009 and you can watch this video from February where I pointed out that we still put much more weight on factors like relevance, topicality, reputation, value-add, etc. — all the factors that you probably think about all the time. Compared to those signals, site speed will carry much less weight.  In 2010 when Google made this announcement Mobile phone usage was around 10%.  Mobile was just coming onto the horizon for SEO companies like APlus Net Solutions.

houston seo company importance of response time

Present Time

Fast forward to 2017 where Mobile Phone Traffic has surpassed Desktop traffic.  Mobile Phone traffic requires a focus on response time and is one of the primary ranking factors by Google and the other Search Engines.  Response time is crucial for Mobile Phones because there are so many extra steps that are required to paint a web-page.

Every Website that we build is not only optimized for Mobile devise but they are also optimized for speed.  We accomplish this by ensuring speed is taken into account at every step of the process – design  – build – deploy.  Our websites have a target response time that we hit through various best practices and within the WordPress environment.

Page Load Time is the common measure for tracking your Websites response time.  Google Analytics tracks this metric and even allows you to segment the Page Load Time by device.  This allows you to isolate the Mobile Device Page Load Time specifically.

Make sure that your SEO Houston company or your Houston web development company delivers your website and the response time improvements that are required for rankings.