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Internet Marketing Firm APlus Leverages Mobile Text Marketing

As a National Internet Marketing Firm APlus Net Solutions has many tools in its arsenal.  On Friday April 22nd,  APlus launched a Mobile Text Marketing campaign for one their Restaurant Group clients in Texas.

Why Mobile

The client approached APlus Net Solutions with the objective of helping them increase in-store sales for their traditionally slow periods – the first of which is the week after Easter.

APlus Net Solutions performed special analysis of the Web Analytics data that showed the client that over 20% of their current Web Traffic was coming from Mobile Devices.   This translates into over a significant number of customers per month that have Mobile Phones!

With response rates of over 70% Mobile Text Marketing was a perfect fit for this client.  By gaining access to their customers Mobile Phones the restaurant could now begin pushing timely specials to target the down periods.

APlus worked with the client to develop a special sign-up offer and configure the Text Message campaign platform.  The Text Message special offers were then posted on the Website, Facebook and Twitter.


Within Hours of opening the specials customers had already begun registering – the next step will be to run the special Text Message registration on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week – April 26th and April 27th – stay tuned!