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Local Search Business Listings

Google has significantly changed, and will continue to change the local search results that highlight the locations of Local Search Business Listings.

Local Search Business Listings

Each month, online consumers perform over 3 billion local searches for products and services that are local. And you know as local businesses; how crucial it is to certify, enhance and manage your local business listings to improve your company’s visibility and connect with prospects. There are several changes to Local Search that have increased its importance:

Your rankings in the Local area are dependent on standardized information across the 3rd Party Databases that Google uses to validate location data.

Mobile and GPS enabled devices increasingly use Local data in their search algorithms.

Local Search Business Listings are an Essential Element in Online Marketing Strategy

You need to make sure that the Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) information that make up your “anchor business listings identity” remain consistent such that they become the underpinning of your Local Search presence, even if you have a website. No Local SEO strategy is complete without a plan for certifying, enhancing, and actively managing your information across the Web.

We manage this information for businesses of all sizes, from local companies to national brands. We certify, enhance and actively manage your anchor Local Search Business Listings. This gives you a single source for creating a consistent identity for direct authorized distribution to the largest local search platform network in the industry. We also enhance your listings to improve your online visibility and ‘findability as one element of your SEO and Online Marketing plan.

Local Business Listings will Drive Search Traffic Your Way

Our information organization structure contains millions of category and Local Search terms. We then map all the information in your local business listing(s) to the broadest range of possible search terms. So, whether a consumer searches by; a category like “Auto Service”, by specific brand like “Acme Tune Ups”, or by something related like “Oil Change”, we provide the shortest and easiest path for them to find your business.

If you’re ready to talk about using Local Search Business Listings to grow your business, call us at 210-587-7621, or click here to Request a Quote.

APlus delivers what others just promise, Driven Results!


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