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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing, Mobile Web Marketing is the fastest growing online marketing technology in the World.

Mobile Text Marketing via SMS

Mobile text marketing on a mobile phone has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS (Short Message Service) in the early 2000s, when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and deliver desired (or undesired) content.

Why Start a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly as a new channel to reach consumers, and has become the most popular channel of mobile text marketing.

Response rates for mobile marketing have consistently outperformed all other marketing media, with some rates being as high as 70%. WHY?

  • Subscribers to your mobile text marketing campaign do so because they want your product or service.
  • These subscribers are asking you to furnish them with your offers. They want you to give them motives to buy your product or are in need of your service(s).
  • Offers that are delivered to subscribers are received in a timely manner.

Getting Started With Mobile Marketing

Our Mobile Marketing services are provided on a monthly basis. No long-term contract. There are 4 Steps to Success:

  1. Advertise your campaign through in-store signage, your website, off-line marketing, and personnel.
  2. Start acquiring subscribers to your campaign.
  3. Start sending out offers and promotions to subscribers.
  4. Watch your sales increase.

You can use mobile text marketing to send any promotional text SMS marketing message; such as SMS coupons, reminders, product specials, new product announcements, and special events.

The graph below is indicates the growth and forecast for Mobile Text Marketing in the U.S. since January 2007.

Mobile Text Marketing Growth since 2007

Mobile Web Marketing

Advertising on web pages specifically meant for access by mobile devices is also an option. The Mobile Marketing Association provides a set of guidelines and standards that give the recommended format of ads, presentation, and metrics used in reporting. Google, Yahoo, and other major mobile content providers have been selling advertising placement on their properties for years. Advertising networks focused on mobile properties and advertisers are also available.

The graph below is indicates the growth and forecast for Mobile Web Marketing in the U.S. since Decembe 2007.

Mobile Marketing Growth since December 2007

If you’re ready to talk about using Mobile Marketing to grow your business, call us at 210-587-7621 or click here to Request a Quote.

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