Online Marketing STRATEGIES

The Internet has evolved into a powerful business tool. Yet, while it has created entirely new ways for conducting business, your success mandates that a web site have sound Online Marketing strategies.

Online Marketing Strategies

Allow APlus Net Solutions the opportunity to be your Online Marketing services partner, and we will help you reach your goals by tapping into the explosive expansion of this revenue-generating medium.

Online Marketing Strategies We Employ

Ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – We employ the most current, leading-edge online marketing strategies to get your website in the top rankings of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Our program ensures budgetary targets are achieved and that a strong baseline for results measurement is built for future investments.

Effective Online Marketing – Utilizing Online Marketing services will increase traffic for new or existing Web sites, and can drastically increase your ROI.

Comprehensive Keyword Research – Keyword research is a process employed by SEO professionals; to not only find but also research actual search terms people enter into their preferred search engines, in order to find a product and/or service.

Web Analytics – Web Analytics are a means to an end. The end is the business objectives as defined by the client, and this fact is surprisingly missed by most Website Analytics Firms.

Adwords Campaigns – Adwords is also known as PPC, and is considered one of the most powerful, most easily converted traffic available for any product in any marketplace.

Permission-Based Email Marketing – APlus offers solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. This includes a market analysis, collection of email addresses from current customers, custom HTML templates, and the research, writing, distribution, and tracking of all bulk email messages.

Compelling Web Design – An effective Web Design requires careful planning, and considers visual design as well as content, tone, the way information is arranged, usability and accessibility.

Innovative Web Development – APlus utilizes a combination of a proven process (hundreds of Websites) with proven technology. This ensures our clients Website is a strategic asset and provides a platform that enables and supports their business growth.

Effective Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing is a process in which content is distributed across multiple social media outlets in order to generate and maintain viral publicity, by increasing the awareness of a brand, event, service or product.

Mobile Marketing – Mobile text marketing and mobile web marketing enhances customer loyalty, and increases profitability. Engage your consumers with rich and interactive mobile advertising.

Web Hosting – APlus provides reliable and affordable Web Hosting.

Website Phone Call Tracking – Phone Call Tracking is an invaluable tool which not only measures leads generated from online and off-line marketing efforts, but also allows business owners the ability to maximize their marketing spend.

Local Search Business Listings – Our information organization structure contains millions of category and Local Search terms. We then map all the information in your local business listing(s) to the broadest range of possible search terms. So, whether a consumer searches by; a category like “Auto Service”, by specific brand like “Acme Tune Ups”, or by something related like “Oil Change”, we provide the shortest and easiest path for them to find your business.

According to Forbes Magazine: “Of all the advertising platforms, the Internet is one of the few on an upward trend. As computer screens, mobile phones and other devices offer what amounts to billboard space for display ads, video and tie-ins to Internet searches, the advertising landscape is undergoing a major transformation.”

APlus will guide you towards taking advantage of these tremendous opportunities via Online Marketing. By communicating with and influencing your online audiences, we will leverage your marketing dollars.

In addition to completing sales, you can use the Internet to create and maintain Brand Awareness while continually educating current and potential customers. There are several points of contact with your audiences; when users are searching online, when they research and pursue personal interests, and when they spend time online engaged in other activities, such as social networking, watching videos, or listening to music.

Examples of Online Marketing are; Adwords (PPC), Banner Advertising, and paid inclusions on sites such as the online version of the Yellow Pages. Newer related media include ads or links on resources such as Wikipedia (the free online encyclopedia), as well as the numerous Social Media sites popping up all over the Internet such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and others.

This also opens up the opportunity to build “mind share” more effectively, by targeting the right context at the right time. This ensures your messages are relevant to the people you are trying to reach, building brand awareness and generating demand for your products and/or services. In addition, APlus has sophisticated tracking and web analytics tools to give you precision and accountability for your Internet Marketing services spend.

Mobile and wireless devices also have a role in the market, iPhone as one device that has leap-frogged other devices in accessibility. The opportunities with the iPhone are endless, as it has a flexible software platform.

To know where Online Marketing ads run and what your audience was doing when your ads were viewed gives you a tremendous amount of transparency and control. The Internet is only part of an evolving digital landscape. In addition to search and display advertising, marketers are combining the Internet and other media to generate word-of-mouth with “buzz” or “viral” marketing.

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