Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are considered one of the most powerful acquisition advertising mediums available for any product in any marketplace. have experienced PPC consultants, and are a Google Adwords Certified Partner.

Paid Search Advertising is a form of online marketing that is delivered through internet search engines. Google Adwords and Bing adCenter have developed systems that allow Advertisers to bid on the phrases that they believe their customers are using to find their product or service. Their paid search advertising systems allow Ad Copy to be created and showed when those phrases are searched, and the advertiser only pays when the searcher actually clicks on their PPC campaign Ad.

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Key Steps for Paid Search Marketing Services


Paid Search Marketing Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation focuses on the subset of prospects with the greatest potential for becoming customers. When segmentation is done correctly it helps you realize the highest return for your online marketing expenditures.

The most basic level of segmentation is geography – our common saying is that “Markets Matter”.  Other examples of segmentation – by product or service (plumbing vs Air Conditioning) , by lines of business (commercial vs residential) .

Budget Determination, Evaluation, and Approval

It is crucial to determine your paid search marketing budget that will generate the best results. The objective is to maximize our client’s yield on advertising-or “bang for the buck.” Too many companies get this step wrong and either over or under spend their budgets, with little to no results to show for it. Our PPC consultants make sure the client understands expenditures made every step along the way. Many firms will charge you a percentage of the click cost and thereby hide your actual Cost-Per-Click (CPC), we do not. APlus Net Solutions makes no profit on PPC click cost.

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Written and Placed PPC Campaign Ad Copy

Your APlus PPC Consultant will create your paid search marketing Ad Copy using researched and targeted keyword phrases. Targeted keyword phrases and their associated Ad copy are the key to motivating a potential customer to click-through to your website, in order to limit uninterested browsers. PPC Ads must be eye-catching, arresting, and differentiate your site from your competitors. At the same time, they must be accurate and adhere to Google’s  Rules and Regulations. APlus Net Solutions proactively manages this process based on proven proficiency, and supported by extensive experience.

Managed and Optimized Paid Search Advertising Campaigns

Every campaign is carefully monitored and adjusted, based on conversions and activity. The most important decision-making information is determining the exact phrases that drive online business to your website. Your APlus PPC consultant applies and manages this critical process as an integral part of your successful paid search marketing.

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