Biga found APlus through a competitor site that APlus had developed.

Biga liked a competitor site that our team had Developed and over the following 17 years we have provided Web Design, Web Development and SEO Consulting and Paid Search Marketing services.

Over the 17 year relationship we have built 3 website for Biga on the Banks.  One was built in partnership with a design agency and the other 2 were designed and built 100% by our team with SEO best practices.

Our Team has implemented SEO Consulting – Paid Search Marketing and Email Marketing to help increase Party Requests by 30% year over year.  Additionally, we helped Biga start a whole new business of Wedding Rehearsal dinners.


Web Design | Web Development | SEO Implementation | Paid Search | Local Search Marketing


Biga on the Banks

What We Did

Web Design Consulting, Web Development, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Detail Implementation Plan, Paid Search Program, Local Search Program

Increased Organic traffic by 300% in San Antonio and grew Party Requests by 30%

Biga on the Banks now has top rankings (top 3 positions) for 95% of all of their top search phrases for  both fine dining and party requests.

web design and seo consulting