BobbyQ Restaurants found APlus Net Solutions through several competitor websites in the Phoenix area that APlus had developed.

Since that time APlus has redeveloped their Website – implemented a dynamic menu system for all the stores menus.  Implemented a detail SEO plan that has increased their Organic traffic by 200% and their Catering requests by 50%.

BobbyQ needed a resonsive website and they specifically had a competitor who owned all of the top search phrases in their core Phoenix market.  APlus developed and implemented a detail SEO plan that included keyword research, Sitemap and keyword alignment, responsive web design and mobile friendly web development.

APlus implemented a dynamic menu system that automated the display and management of all the restuarnt menus for all locations.  This process not only allowed them to centralize the menus and ease that management function but the new menu system significantly helped the SEO plan by making the menus easy for the search engines to read.


Web Design | Web Development | SEO Implementation


BobbyQ BBQ Restaurants

What We Did

Responsive Web Design, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Detail Implementation Plan, Paid Search Program, Local Search Program

Increased Organic Search Traffic by 200% and increase Catering Requests by 50%

The new site and the SEO plan has now allowed BBQ to be in the top rankings for more search phrases than their #1 competitor.