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An SEO Company Houston Shows You How Your Brand Can Use Instagram Stories

By January 10, 2017No Comments

An SEO Company Houston Shows You How Your Brand Can Use Instagram Stories

Assuming your company is already engaged in tapping the numerous benefits from Facebook & Twitter to reach more of your targeted audience, there’s a good chance you have not yet tried Instagram. Your SEO Company in Houston will walk you through everything from deployment to reporting.

While Instagram has been around for several years, Instagram Stories was launched in August as a way to share all the business moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. Instagram reports over 100 million people use it every day.

APlus Net Solutions, an SEO company in Houston can be your creative partner for Instagram

We’ll to show you many ways you can leverage this medium to help your business.  Here are 5 ideas of how your brand can benefit from Instagram Stories:

  1. Launches and announcements

What’s more interesting (i.e., getting your prospect’s attention quickly) a written announcement of your new product or a quality video showing the product and demonstrating one of its best features?  Even though Social media marketing in Houston is a great way to reach your customers, it did not change one of the basic rules of marketing online—you have only a short about of time to grab visitors’ attention.  Even the best text on a page cannot compete with a video.

  1. Show them how you make it

Again—something interesting to show your customers. Whether you’re taking the camera into your office to meet a few key team members or you’re taking them on a tour of your production facilities, you’ve once more engaged your customer more than static words and pictures can do.

  1. Interviews

Let the creativity flow.  Interviews with company brass or the line workers.  You’re making a personal connection with your customers by doing this.  A relationship is building.

  1. Get Weird…Um Creative—yeah that’s what we meant

Do something off the wall, different, or unusual.  Viral videos go, well, viral because they are not something people expect to see. This can be showing the CEO’s cute dog, having your sales people state unusual facts—anything to grab the attention.  Then wrap up the story with a reminder of your product or service—to remind them that your brand just brought the smile to their faces.

  1. Company hours and location

You don’t want to use this one too often but stating some basics about your company in a video puts that info front and center and could even reduce some tedious phone calls to your office.

APlus Net Solutions, a SEO Company Houston, has used search engine optimization and web design to help businesses convert shoppers to customers since 1999.

Call us today at (832) 378-9850 and let us show you how we can boost revenue for your Houston business through web design, development and SEO.