What Qualifies APlus as an SEO Consultant

  • We have operated as an SEO Consultant on projects all over the country for 14 years.
  • We have been SEO consultants on sites we did not build and did not design.
  • We have proven techniques and processes for all steps of a consulting engagement.
  • Our projects span in size from websites with International reach for dozens of products and services to local market websites that have search engine ranking challenges.
  • APlus utilizes a 100% virtual process and is not restricted to face to face meetings which accelerates the process and is more efficient for the client.

Key Steps for SEO Consulting Services

How to Evaluate an
SEO Consultant

Ability to Operate with no hidden agendas

What to look for – Do they have proven experience when they are not the designer and/or developer.
Why is this important – This experience shows they can operate as a 3rd party with no hidden agendas.

Is the Process driven by client business objectives

What to look for – Does their process specifically start with understanding the clients business objectives before moving on the technical steps of the process.
Why is this important – Many times SEO companies can get the technical steps correct – however because they have not linked the business objectives to the SEO plan the client does not achieve measurable results.

Can the consultant scale the process to fit the client needs

What to look for – Do they have referenceable project experience that demonstrate the ability to focus the process to best fit the clients size and needs.
Why is this important – This helps quantify the consultants ability to work organizations of all sizes and adjust their process to fit any needs.

Examples of Our
SEO Consultant Work

Client Need – In 2019 APlus was contacted by a client with multiple websites nationally to help introduce a new product line across all sites and across the US.
Consulting Project – APlus performed an SEO Audit of all 3 sites involved and performed keyword research that was then used to develop the new pages and content and images.  The results were documented for all 3 sites and in each case different resources utilized the deliverables for their respective websites.
Result – The client implemented the changes and is using the Baseline report by APlus to track progress on the new product line.

Client Need – In 2013 APlus was contacted by a multi Billion company to help with national rankings for all products and services.
Consulting Project – APlus performed an SEO Audit on the primary national site, performed keyword research, performed Link research and developed a plan to update the existing site.  The results were documented for the site and both internal resources and external 3rd party utilized the deliverables for their respective work.
Result – The SR VP of Marketing and Branding has continued to use APlus for SEO consulting for multiple websites and multiple product lines for US and International projects.

APlus Net Solutions has over 20 years in the SEO consulting arena. We do have references and have results that can be quantified.

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