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Another Large Client Chooses APlus Net Solutions for Social Media Marketing

By October 15, 2011No Comments

APlus Net Solutions announces that Gates Circle in Western New York has selected them for implementation of their comprehensive Social Media Marketing plan.

Established in 1939 Gates Circle Wines and Liquor have remained in the heart of Buffalo as a family business for over 60 years. After considering many options, they choose APlus Net Solutions for their Social Media Marketing because of their very different approach. Lesle Heubach said “We started out just looking for ways to simplify our Facebook updating process – APlus has opened up our thinking to a much broader opportunity”.

Results Driven Social Media Marketing APlus Net Solutions implements a comprehensive strategy that starts with the knowledge that Social Media is but one of the elements of Internet Marketing that need be addressed. The power of Social Media is that when used in a thoughtful and purposeful way there can be improvements in the Search Engine Rankings also. This matters because more than 60% of all research starts with Search Engines.

Internet Marketing is first about determining the phrases consumers or businesses are using to find a company’s product or service – then Analyzing the existing Website and Social Media for that alignment”, says Larry Patrick Owner APlus Net Solutions. Every proposal starts with analysis of a clients existing Internet Presence. This analysis for Gates Circle showed that their Website was being found for all manner of “liquor” phrases but not much for “wines”. Additionally, they utilize the latest Social Media technologies that allow the business to amplify the effect of Content Updates using “write once” then “post everywhere” solution.

The Gates Circle solution will be the implementation of the latest in Blog technology for their Website that allows the team to post to the Blog and have the content “pushed” to Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media destinations. “The most important step though is designing the Content Push strategy with the target phrases in mind and measuring the results”, says Larry Patrick.

For a full view of the Press Release click here.