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Structured Data and Why Business Owners Should Care by your Houston SEO Company

By February 17, 2017No Comments

This Houston SEO Company explains that there is a new form of data that Google are expecting to find in your Website and it is called Structured Data.  Google’s algorithm now favors sites that have this new type of data.  This new data is actually part of the code of the Website and does not have to be visible to the person viewing your Website.  So as a business owner – if your competitors are using structured data and you are not – you’re behind!

If your Website is built in WordPress there are a number of Plug-ins that can add this data to your Website pretty easily.

In addition to helping your Website with search rankings there are tangible improvements to what Google actually displays.  One of our clients is one of the largest Bariatric Surgery practices in the state of Texas and we are using Event structured data – now when any search is done their results in Google actually include the Event dates – see below.

Houston SEO Company Structured Data Example

Houston SEO Company Structured Data Example




Not only is the result bigger than their competitors but the consumer can click on the Event date and is taken straight to a Sign Up page for that Seminar.  This has increased Seminar Leads by over 50%!

If your developer has not discussed structured data – give us a call at 210-587-7621!