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Web Analytics

Web Analytics are a means to an end. The end is the business objectives as defined by the client and this fact is surprisingly missed by most Website Analytics Firms.

Web Analytics To Increase Profitability

Clients many times get caught up in the myriad of website statistics and website analysis options that are available. Additionally, they do not have the expertise or experience to organize, analyze and aggregate these statistics in alignment with the business objectives that have been agreed. This same issue can be found from within many Website Analytics Firms recommendations.

APlus Net Solutions has a Proven Process as a Web Analytics Company

  • Documenting the client’s business objectives.
  • Developing business oriented goals and associated Web Analytics in relation to cost per lead, cost per order, revenue per acquisition, etc.
  • Determining the website drivers and conversions.
  • Determine key demographics of visitors, sources, referrals, etc.
  • Determine key landing page dynamics.
  • Determine key abandon or bounce pages, and most importantly reasons why.
  • Determine the primary leverage points in the Visitor traffic patterns.

The output from our process is actionable recommendations (not just charts and graphs which is all most Web Analytics Firms provide) for:

  • Website changes that will accelerate achievement of business goals.
  • Online marketing strategies to enhance new customer acquisition.
  • Email Marketing opportunities to increase Customer Retention.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the data that is available within Website Analytics.

As a Web Analytics Company we will provide you with actionable recommendations that will improve your Online Marketing Strategy.

Demographics of Internet Users

If you’re ready to utilize our Web Analytics to grow your business and increase your ROI, you can either call us at 210-587-7621 or click here to Request a Quote.

APlus delivers what others just promise…Driven Results.