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Your Blog can be your best SEO Friend!

By September 11, 2012No Comments

The most successful element of any SEO plan can be your Blog. Why – because if your Blog is configured correctly it is the easiest way to get highly relevant content updated on your Website without having to add whole new pages!

How do your know if you Blog is configured in a Search Engine friendly way – here are 3 ways:

  1. Each Blog post should generate a unique page name that you can put your search phrase into – ie.
  2. Can you create a link within the body of the Blog post to another page on your website – in-site linking is very important?
  3. Can you create separate Meta-tags for each Blog post?

It is important to work your target search phrases into the Blog Posts – that is what we help our clients do!  Ask us about any of our monthly SEO programs.